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As a recent or future trade school graduate, you are probably searching for the right job opportunity right now. BigHire can help. BigHire is a staffing platform that connects individuals who are skilled in construction trades with employers who want to hire them. Our goal is to help you land a fulfilling job right away. To do that we work with a growing network of companies that specialize in residential construction, where your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC credentials are in high demand.

BigHire is a powerful job search resource that gives you easy access to search and apply to opportunities. The best part – it’s free.

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1. What does Bighire do?

BigHire is a technology platform where construction companies connect with workers to fill jobs. The company was founded by individuals with a love for the construction industry and also deep experience in construction, recruiting and business management.

2. What makes BigHire different from staffing companies?

  • Job seekers like you use the platform to create a profile that paints a clear picture your experiences, education and relevant information. This makes it easy for employers to get a feel of where you can fit in as they build their teams.
  • Our mobile-friendly platform is easy for everyone to use on the go.  
  • We make job opportunities visible to as many tradespeople as possible. This allows you to search opportunities based on location, skills and other criteria that matter to you. 
  • BigHire is solely dedicated to working with construction companies and tradespeople. 

3. How much does it cost?

BigHire is free for workers.

4. Why should I use BigHire to find a job in construction?

BigHire takes the guesswork and lucky breaks out of the process and gives you access to information about available jobs in construction. We have real-time information and direct connections to companies that are hiring locally. With BigHire you will get a picture of what jobs companies are hiring for. You’ll no longer need to “know a guy,” just to get leads.

5. Do I need a resume to use BigHire?

Not at all. While signing up on the platform you will provide information to create a profile showcasing your education and experiences, which is what companies will consider as they look to build the crew for each of their projects.

6. How do companies hire workers using BigHire?

The process is straightforward. Companies pay a subscription fee, which allows them to access profiles of job seekers. They then review profiles and also receive recommendations from BigHire staff of profiles that meet their criteria. 

7. I’m not a student, can I still sign up and use BigHire?

Of course, you can use BigHire to find construction work at all stages of your career.

8. Can I tell my friends about BigHire?

Yes, spread the news. There are enough opportunities for everyone so please spread the word to anyone looking for work in construction!

9. Can I talk to a BigHire team member if I still have questions?

Yes! Please complete the form on the "Contact us" page and we'll give you a call.